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Hoarding Situations can be shocking at times but are extremely common. In fact, recent studies have shown that over 5% of the population has a hoarding disorder of one level or another. To put this into real terms, there are statistically more hoarders in the population than type 2 diabetics!

Nonetheless for those suffering from hoarding disorders, or friends or loved ones in their lives it can be overwhelming and extremely depressing and disheartening. The situation can creep up on you over time until it becomes unbearable. Often the occupants will stop having family or visitors due to the deteriorating condition of the home.

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Once the situation is out of control, it’s important to face the fact that NOBODY can fix the problem on their own. The problem is too big and needs to be handled by a Professional Hoarding Cleaning Company. There are many aspects of the cleaning and restoring of a home that has had hoarding issues in it. Excess clutter causing tripping hazards, trash and rotten food attracting pests, rodents and causing odours. Indoor air quality is another big issue and of course, the risk of fire is extremely high in a home that has a large amount of clutter and papers.

The psychological toll is probably the worst part of the whole situation as it can ruin the quality of life for the resident of the home. Guilt, shame and depression can set in and make things very hard to deal with.

It is in our opinion that trying to clean-up a hoarding situation in small stages is often much harder to do, and will more often than not result in poor results. It is much better to have a plan to get things done in one larger clean-up and start fresh with a clean slate and new outlook. It is much easier and more motivating to maintain a clean and restored home than a home that is partially clean and partially in chaos.

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How to Start a Cleaning After Hoarding

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