Hoarding Cleanup Costs, and What Is Involved

Hoarding Clean-Up Costs, and What is Involved

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KW Hoarding Cleanup is Kitchener-Waterloo’s leading hoarding remediation service. We work closely with the Kitchener-Waterloo Hoarding Coalition and the Canadian Mental Health Association to provide a complete service to those in need.

When dealing with a hoarding clean-up situation, the costs can vary dramatically based on the customer’s needs as well as the size of the job at hand. Also the types of materials, items, and risks involved as well as the length of time the cleaning process will take plays a very important role in the determining of the costs.

Many clients who begin the process of looking for help with Hoarding cleaning may find that junk removal companies and crime cleaning services offer hoarding Cleanups. The problem with dealing with these companies is there is an emotional aspect of the cleaning as well as the training involved with dealing the psychological portion of the issues will not be addressed. ECO-PRO are specialized and trained to deal with hoarders and truly care about their well-being.

General Information about Hoarding Cleaning Costs

The general cost of a clean-up service can vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands depending on if there are bodily fluids, fecal matter and other bio-hazards in the residence. How high the clutter is piled? Are there animals or pets in the home that need veterinary care? In many cases the occupant of the home will have several pets that are urinating in the home and the urine will contaminate the home and be doing harm to the hoarder’s health. If mould removal is required this will also affect the overall cost. These are some the many factors which can change the price of the cleaning .

A typical home in Kitchener-Waterloo, which is fairly full and stacked fairly high could range in the 10 to 15,000 dollar range or an apartment could be in the 2000-3000 dollar range. This would depend on the individual situation. Any company that estimates over the phone cannot accurately quote this type of job and should be questioned.  It’s not to say that we can’t provide price ranges and give an approximation, but to be given exact pricing needs to be done in person after viewing the property and doing a complete consultation. ECO-PRO provides a free consultation for all hoarding clean-up services. Please Note.. If you send us images of the home, we can get a better idea of what the situation is and will help us accurately quote you on the cleaning and restoration of the home.

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Breakdown Of The Costs

The costs of a hoarding cleanup are not inexpensive for a reason, the insurance involved to protect the technicians and workers as well as the training involved are 2 factors that go into the cost. The professional training of workers to comprehend how the hoarder things and reasons a situation as well as their insecurities are extremely vital to a successful outcome. Junk removal companies can be detrimental to the hoarding clean-up because they are not trained in the emotional or psychological aspects and therefore the feelings of the hoarder are not taken into consideration. Also the treatment of their items are not taken with care as their purpose is simply to throw everything away.

Once the removal of the items have been done, the next step is the cleaning and sanitation of the home is the next stage. A quality hoarding service like ECO-PRO will provide proper air filtration units to ensure the air is clean and breathable. Normally the home is cleaned from top to bottom, carpets are steam cleaned, odour control units are used to neutralize bad smells. Appliances are cleaned and sanitized, refrigerators are usually emptied and cleaned. Duct Cleaning is often recommended as well.

These are all things to be included in your estimate and is a reason why the costs will be a bit higher that a simple junk removal company.

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