Pet Odour Removal and Neutralization, Kitchener Ontario

pet urine odour removal Kitchener Waterloo

Kitchener, Ontario Pet Odour Removal Experts

When you have Pet Odours in your home it can be extremely hard to deal with. The strong smell of ammonia never seems to go away… Worst of all your pets will continue to mark the same place.

Store bought products simply do not work on pets stains that are anything other than very small spots.

When you have any substantial amount of urine in your carpets or flooring, or on furniture, you need a professional odour control expert in Kitchener, Ontario like Kitchener-Waterloo Extreme Clean.

We have the training and expertise to completely remove the problem once and for all.

The key to best success is always to treat the problem as soon as possible, otherwise, the blood-borne pathogens in the urine and fecal matter will continue to grow. Mould can also occur, as well as permanent staining on your carpets and upholstery. Our Expert Kitchener-Waterloo Extreme Clean Team can totally remove the odours and Urine contamination to the point of complete neutralization.

Whether it is a small “accident” or a major pet odour issue we can handle it. We can perform carpet and upholstery cleaning, indoor air quality cleaning and odour control and neutralization.

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